Refinance at today's low interest rates and save money.

Unlike other major purchases, a mortgage is not something that's wise to do once then forget. It's possible and even likely that you could save money by periodically refinancing.


This can happen in several ways: you could lower your payment each month, shorten the term until your home is paid off, combine other debt to take advantage of better terms or combinations of those. Also, it's possible for many to access the equity in their homes to fund major needs such as home renovation, car buying, investments or just to get cash out.


You can trust our expert loan officers to inform you of all the options as well as searching out the best possible loan for your individual needs.

Cash out refinancing can be the smart way to borrow.

Whether it's home improvements, sending kids to college, buying vehicles, investing or just combining several bills into a lower, more manageable payment, cash out refinancing can be a great solution.

Home loans often carry better rates and terms than most any other type of financing. And, you may be able to deduct the interest paid from your taxes (consult your tax adviser for details).

A mortgage that fits you just right?

Custom terms are now available.


Custom term mortgages allow us to tailor a loan just for your needs. Terms anywhere from 8 to 30 year terms are allowed at our same low conventional rates. With custom term mortgages you can . . .

  • Refinance without adding years until your home is paid off.

  • Customize a term based on the payment you want - potentially reducing the term of your loan and saving years of interest.

  • Plan ahead to have your home paid off in sync with life events such as retirement or sending kids to college.

Lender-paid mortgage insurance can be a money saving option.

Rather than paying a PMI premium added to each monthly payment, with LPMI we pay your mortgage insurance upfront at a group rate then adjust your interest rate slightly upward to cover the expense.

Your loan still has private mortgage insurance, but done this way, you pay the cost as interest instead of an insurance premium. For some customers who will be in their homes for a shorter duration, this can result in significant savings. Any of our loan officers will be glad to provide a detailed comparison and guidance on whether LPMI would be a good option for your loan.

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