Trust Triumph's professional team to handle your mortgage with care.

Trust Triumph's professional team to handle your mortgage with care.

July 18, 2017

Triumph Bank Home Loans is the largest locally-owned mortgage lender in Memphis and makes home loans across much of the nation. Why does this matter? You want an established, reputable company to guide you home through the mortgage process.


More and more people are going online to obtain their home financing. Often this means working with loan officers who have little experience in the complicated world of mortgage lending. We match online convenience with experience and personalized service- that is the Triumph Difference.


Questions will undoubtedly arise throughout the mortgage process. What happens when you need an expert to help answer a question you may have about your appraisal? Or you are self-employed with a little more complicated income situation? Student loans in deferment, how do those count against you? What if you need some advice on how to raise your credit score to get the best rate? How do you know you are getting the best loan product for your situation? An experienced loan officer can guide you through the process to make sure there are no issues with your approval. They know what to look for when pre-qualifying you for a mortgage - a call center does not.


At Triumph, it is more than push button, get mortgage. We think you are smarter than that. We think you deserve more. That is why we are introducing our new Mortgage Approval Portal (MAP) which allows you to apply online, upload your paystubs, tax returns and bank statements seamlessly. Once you have applied, you will work together with your loan officer who will provide the counsel needed to purchase your new home. We like to think of the knowledge and experience we provide as the MAP needed to guide you home. And that journey starts with our Mortgage Approval Portal.


If you are purchasing a home, we take your closing date very seriously. There are many things that happen on the closing date – transferring utilities, setting up movers, etc. –and we realize that. That is why we offer a closing date guarantee. We will pay $1,000 towards your first mortgage payment if your closing date is missed because of financing. Why? Because we have confidence in our team to deliver. We’ve been doing it for years.


Triumph is also very proud that we do not charge any lender fees. Many mortgage lenders charge what is known in the industry as “junk fees” that can amount to over $1,000 in excess closing costs. These fees do little more other than add to the bottom line of the mortgage lender. Triumph believes in transparency and honesty. That is why you will notice $0 in lender fees on your loan estimate and closing documents. No processing fee, no underwriting fee, no credit report fee- ZERO fees.


If you are in the market to purchase a new home, you owe it to yourself to talk to a Triumph Bank loan officer. Check out our website to learn about our specialized and unique products that may not be available with other lenders. The online convenience, personal service, closing date guarantee and $0 lender fees make it worth your time to allow us to offer a free mortgage consultation.

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